NaFFS | Pastor Sam Adebowale
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Pastor Sam Adebowale

A minister of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria (FGCN), he also serves as a member of her National Executive Council (NEC) and Foreign Missions Board (FMB).


Adebowale holds a Bachelor from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and another in Pastoral Studies from L.I.F.E. Theological Seminary, one of the nation’s oldest and foremost theological institutions.

A Professional Member of Institute of Corporate Administrators and one time NaFFS Congress Chairman. He is currently working with McPherson University as an Assistant Registrar in the University.


Pastor Adebowale’s passion to help the younger generation live a purpose-driven life is underscored by the significant role he has played in the Students’ Ministry of the FGCN, where he has served as the National Coordinator since 2012. Under his visionary and inspiring leadership, the impact of the ministry has greatly blossomed, as she has multiplied her presence in tertiary institutions across the country and beyond, and attracted several dignitaries in the Nigerian polity to her annual programmes.


In light of his overwhelming exploits in a short period, Pastor sam Adebowale has earned the well-deserved nickname ‘Global Sam’ among students and fellow leaders nationwide. He is also a recipient of many awards, to mention few:

  • Legacy Award
  • Exploit Award
  • Role model Award
  • Stewardship Award
  • Kingdom Award
  • Merit Award
  • Excellent Leadership Award

Happily married to Barrister Folu Adebowale and blessed with wonderful children.