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Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life.

Have you ever wondered what the mind is to the human nature? Do you always wonder why it is easier for your friends to think faster than you do or take advantage of situations better than you do? Or you desire to know why some people have greater ideas than others? Do you want to know why some people maximize their talents and become celebrated destinies while others merely make wishes and don’t fall in line?

In life, people tune to God differently, they turn situations to their advantage or disadvantage. They maximize opportunities and make destiny decisions because of one factor: their mindset.

So, what is the mind? The mind is like an open field, an empty room, or an empty vessel which you alone have access to fill. However, your mindset is the way your mind has been configured over time. A human being is made up of three parts: the soul, spirit and body. The spirit was created first, then the body was formed but the soul came to serve as a source of connection between the two. A man’s soul became functional as a result of God’s breath into man. The soul is the balance between the spirit and the body. It determines which of the two that you are more sensitive to. It is the seat of your intellect, your desires and emotions. Your soul is where your mind comes from. Your conscience is groomed in your mind, your habits, skills, emotions, reasoning, passion, are a product of your mind.

Consequently, you are responsible for anything you allow into it. You are solely responsible for what comes in and leaves, and what your mind thinks on. Your perspective about life, how you handle situations and relationships all comes from your mind and it is FIRST and only YOUR responsibility to deal with it. Everyone is a product of their mindset and a result of what they have constantly filled it with. To be all that God wants you to be, you need to equip your mind rightly.

One of our greatest battles are battles of the mind. The enemy takes pleasure in waging war against our minds because the pace at which we run our Christian race is dependent on the state of our minds. When our mind is less preoccupied with unnecessary thoughts, it is easier to make destiny decisions because your eye is single and focused. So he distracts us by waging war against our minds. Your mind can be equipped by reading the scriptures, praying, listening to messages, making confessions, and reading books on topics that apply to different aspects of life. Also, maintaining the right relationships will help to build your mindset and prepare you for the purpose that God has for you.

– Proverbs 4 vs23,-Genesis 1vs26, -Genesis 2vs7.