NaFFS | Ultimate Allegiance: The Trials and Triumph (Victory) of Faith [Pastor (Dr.) Morakinyo]
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Ultimate Allegiance: The Trials and Triumph (Victory) of Faith [Pastor (Dr.) Morakinyo]

Minister:- Pastor (Dr.) Morakinyo
Topic:- Ultimate Allegiance: The Trials and Triumph (Victory) of Faith.
Text:- 1Pet.1:3-9

*From the Bible passage, God wants us to know who we are and also know the position at which we are in Christ.
*Trust only in God.
*There are times we go through hardships, but we shouldn’t be afraid because God has paid it all for us and overcome the world.
*He showed us all our resources(huge wealth in Jesus) which we can use to face our challenges.
*The resources we have in Christ is more than the trials and challenges we face.
The Trials we face are like examinations.
*The Christian life is about alliance to your Faith. At a point that faith will be tried and tested, but hold on to God because you’ll come out stronger.
*Faith has a reward.

Reason Why Our Faith is Being Tested
1. Our faith is tested to know the genuineness of our substance.
*There is nobody that serves God during his youth days that God forsakes during his adulthood.
2. It is tested for you to value it(your testimony).

Triumph Of Faith
*Through faith is confidence in the Almightiness of God and HE does not forget our labour of love.
*Whatever you are doing or going through, just believe that there is a God that rewards.