NaFFS | Kingdom Allegiance [Apostle Joshua Selman]
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Kingdom Allegiance [Apostle Joshua Selman]

Kingdom Allegiance [Apostle Joshua Selman]

Topic: Kingdom Allegiance
Minister: Apostle Joshua Selman
Text: Jeremiah 29:13, Jeremiah 17:9-10

*Don’t fool yourself in using man’s verdict to force God to bless you.
*The life of a man is like a mirror and when God looks at you, it should reflect back to him
*There is a law that governs a man’s encounter with God. You will find God if all you seek is God
*We see with time but God sees with realm of eternity
*God verdict you by His own standard and rank you by what he sees
*The true state of your heart shows you that you have had an encounter with God not impartation
*Seek for His presence and Glory not just the anointing, you would get more than you bargain for
*The spirit of man is like a mirror and when God looks at it, He is to see a reflection of Him and not anything else
*Until He sees Himself, He doesn’t stop working on us
*The hardest part of working with God is the sacrifice of killing idols in your heart for Christ to be all and alone in your heart.
*God will destroy whatever it is that wants to take His place in your heart.
*God’s ultimate desire is to be at the very front and top position of your life
*At every time God rises, He subdues the love of every other things/idol in your life
*Do not serve God because of fame, money but serve him because of your longing desire to live in His presence