NaFFS | Ultimate Allegiance in Servant Leadership [Arch Anetor]
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Ultimate Allegiance in Servant Leadership [Arch Anetor]

Ultimate Allegiance in Servant Leadership [Arch Anetor]

Ultimate Allegiance
in Servant Leadership
[Dr Anetor]

1) Deliver result though others
2) Groom others under you
3) Vision: A leader must have vision
– Leadership skills can be acquired. It involves takings a position of responsibility.

Traits of a leader
1. Passion: Do what you enjoy doing most . It is in the gifting of God in your life that announcement and responsibility comes.
2. Desire
3. Honesty
4. Integrity
5. Intelligence: you can’t follow a dull leader or one who has no knowledge of what he leads you on
1. Autocratic leadership style: Matt16:23
2. Democratic leadership style
3. Delegation leadership style

Servant leadership discuss the issues of paradox leadership
-The man serving a group of people is the leader just as in the life of Jesus.
– The object of servant leader is to serve his followers , concerned about any of those following him. he must have empathy not sympathy.
-Empathy takes a step further to help than sympathy
-Servant leader empowers others to lead , giving feedback.
-He encourages his followers to lead.
-He values others in his teams more than himself.
-He must learn the quality to listen to build each other.
Leadership is stewardship, it is temporary and accountable.
PRAYER : Lord, As i run the race, father let my life not bring you shape.